Family Law Attorney Las Vegas NV Children are the heart of a family, when the family is on the verge of splitting, children become a concern. The issue of child custody understandably needs utmost care and concern. Since custody of a child is an emotional decision too, seeking the assistance of an attorney who has prior experience and expertise in handling this tough decision could make the matter less difficult for the parents / custodians to handle.

Child custody in Las Vegas

The following are the two types of child custody’s in Las Vegas.? They are as follows:

  1. Legal Custody
  2. Physical Custody

What does legal custody of a child refer to?

In a layman’s terms, legal custody mostly is concerned with the overall well being of the child. The education of the child concerned the child’s health or any other avenue like religion etc. come under the domain of legal custody of a child. These are complex issues of legal child custody and could be dealt with easily, if one has the help of an attorney who has expertise in the realm of child custody.

What refers to Physical custody of a child?

As the term itself denotes, the physical custody of the child refers to where the child would be living in physically? Physical custody is no longer biased to the gender of the parent, married or unmarried. Physical custody also ensure that the child or for that matter children of the separated parents get adequate child support from the parent who is non custodial.?This would again be in terms of the child/children’s education and other mandatory needs of the child with regards to his/her welfare. Based upon the income of the parent child support is bifurcated upon by the court.

Family law matters justifiably could be quiet complex to handle by one self. There is a possibility of your case getting weak in the absence of adequate legal assistance.?The family law attorney at Randal R Leonard would guide you through comfortably, allowing you to have a solid representation of your case.