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Immigration Law
The immigration laws of the United States are complex and challenging. What’s more, immigrants and those who are applying for immigration benefits do not enjoy the same rights as US citizens. However, we believe that everyone deserves a fair hearing and a chance at the American dream. Let our extensive network of immigration attorneys help get you through the complicated maze of US immigration laws and the immigration court system. This will ensure you have the maximum chance of being granted citizenship.
Experience and Expertise

Family-Based Immigration
Whether you are attempting to become a citizen through a marriage Green Card, or are looking to petition for foreign family members to immigrate to the US, our expert attorneys offer support for the full range of family-based immigration processes. The laws are changing all the time, and with the possibility of immigration reform coming before the US Congress in the near future, it is best not to delay. Starting the process now may be the difference between gaining and not gaining permanent resident status!

Removal Defense Regardless of your immigration status, our attorneys can help fight any removal order. We’ll work to find any and all available paths to allow you to stay in the United States. While no one can guarantee results, we’ll fight our hardest to make sure that you’re well-represented in any removal proceedings and given every opportunity to make your case before the immigration courts.

Business and Investment Visas
If you’re looking to start or buy a business in the US, or invest in the business in the US, you may be able to do so and obtain your Green Card in the process. Both immigrant and non-immigrant investor visas are available, and are generally easier to obtain than many other types of visas. With extensive prior experience in this area, our attorneys have obtained these visas for citizens of Canada, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Philippines, Australia, and Italy.
Non-Immigrant Employment Visas
When companies require skilled workers from other countries, these employees require a non-immigrant employment visa to work in the US. We have significant experience in the application process for these types of visas. We’ll work with your recruited employees to complete the visa application process, and can even work with companies overseas to complete paperwork and get the process started prior to a firm hiring commitment, to expedite things and put employees to work for you as soon as possible.

Waivers of Inadmissibility
There’s nothing as rewarding in immigration law as keeping families together. In some instances, with marriage and family cases, waivers of inadmissibility can often be the solution that enables this outcome. Our attorneys have won numerous waivers of inadmissibility, both inside and outside the US, with the result being many families that would have been separated are able to stay together.

Of course, the most important process in applying for permanent citizenship is naturalization. However, like most parts of the US immigration process, there are many details here that can cause significant problems if they are overlooked. Don’t fall into a trap or encounter a problem in the naturalization process – get advice and counseling from one of our skilled attorneys! It’s a lot easier with a trusted and knowledgeable expert by your side.
Other Processes and Specialties
We have experience in a number of other related immigration processes and specialty services, including:
• Extended Visitor Periods of Authorized Stay
• Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
• J-Visa Exchange Visitors
• Replacing a Lost Green Card
• PERM Employment Immigrant Petitions
• And much more!

We’ll Fight for You
Ultimately, our mission is to fight for our clients. Whether you’re in need or urgent representation to fight a removal order, or just need some help with a Green Card or Naturalization application, or anything in between, we’ve got your back! We have a track record of success and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, that we can put to work for you, giving you the best possible chance of staying in or legally immigrating to the US.